Creating New Pathways to Wellness

Research is at the core of our existence at Rogers. While psychiatry has changed considerably over the past 100 years, Rogers continues to hold one philosophy above all else: to maximize quality of care for all people suffering from mental illness.

This can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Provide Rogers’ patients with the most current treatment methods already backed by extensive research (i.e. evidence-based treatment)
  2. Conduct our own research and training in an effort to increase successful outcomes. Then we share that knowledge with others to improve behavioral health care as a whole.

Rogers Behavioral Health has more than a decade of commitment and investment in outcome studies, with nearly 10,000 of our patients agreeing to participate. Findings are used by our treatment teams to examine the effectiveness of our clinical program and to make improvements. The findings are also presented at national and international conferences, as well as published in peer-reviewed medical literature.

At any given time at Rogers, careful research is being conducted on disorders of emotions, mood, memory, and behavior. Our team of clinicians conduct Clinical Trials on psychiatric disorders, and our work centers on new medications and treatments. We also offer a richly diverse, multidisciplinary environment for the training of health care and social service professionals in the disciplines of mental health.

Rogers’ clinicians conduct research on psychiatric and physical disorders, and train health professionals who wish to further develop their mental health treatment skills. The energy, curiosity and fresh perspective of students and researchers make an important contribution in maximizing quality of care for all people suffering from mental illness.