Building for the Future

Since 1907, Rogers Behavioral Health has grown alongside the practice of behavioral health. In fact, our treatment programs and facilities are in a continuous state of evolution to meet the needs of our patients.

The Foundation plays an important role in ensuring that patients and families who come to Rogers are immersed in an atmosphere filled with dignity and respect. One that promotes mental health and wellness above all: tranquil, private, quiet, modern, spacious, and light.

Thanks to generous donors, the Foundation has supported the hospital through the following building projects:

  • September 2009 – Herrington Recovery Center
    $2M campaign for a new treatment facility for substance use disorders located on the serene shoreline of Upper Nashotah Lake.
  • September 2012 – Inpatient wing, Experiential Therapy Center and new Child & Adolescent Center building
    $3.5M campaign for a new inpatient wing, a new experiential therapy center complete with gymnasium and climbing elements, and a new two-story home for our Child & Adolescent Centers.

It is not enough that patients and families have heard about the renowned treatment programs at Rogers, they must also be able to see them.

Thanks to a generous gift from Dr. Michael and Billie Kubly, the building that houses Focus Depression Recovery received extensive renovations and was re-named the Charles E. Kubly Adult Residential Center in loving memory of their son Charlie.

Through this gift, the family continues their commitment of providing hope for other who are affected by the disease of depression.