When Rob was just three years old, I noticed he had these small twitches. In kindergarten, he would scream and cry at length. I took him to the doctor and told him what was happening, but nothing came of it.

Fast forward five years, I started attending evening classes at a local college. Rob was 10 years old. I noticed he started to take things to his room that I used or touched. If someone interrupted him when he was in the middle of saying something as simple as “I love you, Mom,” he would start over. It took him 15 minutes to walk from the front door to the car because of the series of actions he had to do.

His doctor finally diagnosed him with obsessive compulsive disorder, and he referred us to a psychiatrist. During our first appointment, the psychiatrist asked who was treating him for Tourette’s syndrome. Nobody had diagnosed him!

He recommended we call Rogers. With limited resources, we weren’t sure how we were going to pay for treatment. Rogers told us about the Foundation’s Patient Care Grant program. That day changed our lives!

Thanks to Rogers, Rob learned breathing exercises to reduce anxiety. He was challenged with a series of exposures to help him get over his fears. He became aware of his stress and his desire to do a ritual, and he learned how to overcome that feeling.

Before treatment, when Rob would play soccer, he would be out in the field spinning and hopping during the games. He would hold his breath and go through rituals. Today, he can go out there and have fun playing a game he loves.

He has come a LONG way! His symptoms are nothing like what they were before. We don’t know where we would be without the Foundation and grant. We are so grateful! You saved his life — our whole family’s life! It’s wonderful to know that there are people out there who care.

– Amy, Rob’s mom