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16th Annual Women’s Gathering
We are sad to announce that this year’s event has been canceled to ensure everyone’s safety during the COVID-19 crisis. Please watch for more information regarding the 2021 Women’s Gathering coming SOON!

Join us for this educational women’s luncheon. Each year, this event features a relevant mental health and wellness topic that will provide you with expert advice and valuable tips that will inspire your mind long after the event has ended.


We are sad to inform you that the 16th Annual Women’s Gathering has been cenceled to ensure our guests’ safety during the COVID-19 health crisis. Please read on for a special prayer and how our spiritual care staff continue to meet our patients’ needs.

A prayer from Spiritual Care

Dear God,
In this time of uncertainty it can be very easy to give in to fear. Help us know when we keep our eyes on You, we need not fear. You and your message are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and we can completely trust in that.

Many things in our world are so very different than just a few weeks ago. Our schedules and calendars have seemingly been canceled, including the Women’s Gathering. It can be very hard to see what good can emerge from such a time. Through history, You have shown us how good emerges from diffiulty, and You will make that known once again. We are confident that You are bigger than anything, and that we can hang on to faith and hope during this uncertain time.

When this passes, we will be stronger than ever because You were and will continue to be with us. Amen.

Rogers’ Chaplains offer spiritual safety and security through pandemic

As the COVID-19 health crisis continues, the Chaplains at Rogers Behavioral Health are forging ahead to ensure that patients’ spiritual needs are properly cared for during this time of uncertainty.

As Christine Dawley, MS, LPC, manager of Spiritual Care explains, “Our goal is to provide a peaceful, supportive presence during this time. Focusing on themes of peace, courage, spiritual connections, and distress tolerance during group sessions have proven to be especially helpful right now, and one-on-one consultations have helped patients process concerns and discover how to tap into their personal spiritual belief system as a source of support and encouragement. Shining the light on the unchangeable nature of God or a Higher Power can offer patients much-needed hope and stability during this stressful time.”

While many of the spiritual care services continue as normal, adjustments have made to meet Rogers Behavioral Health emegency protocol and CDC guidelines. Some changes include:

  • Offisite church outings have been suspended.
  • Onsite clergy visits have temporarily stopped.
  • Good Friday and Easter services have been canceled.

Even though Good Friday and Easter services have been canceled, chaplains will available to meet with patients at Rogers’ Oconomowoc, West Allis and Brown Deer locations to commemorate these important holidays .

“It is our privilege to support patients all the time,” says Dawley, “but especially now, when spirituality can be a strong anchor during this difficult season.”

Support Spiritual Care

Self-Care Tips

In honor of this year’s Women’s Gathering featured presentation, “Self-awareness: Recognizing and honoring your mental and spiritual health,” we bring you these self-care resources to help stay mentally strong through the COVID-19 crisis.

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Spiritual Care
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