Women’s Gathering

Yes, we are “ungathered” again for this year’s Women’s (non)Gathering. Still, we can continue to gather in our desire to help those with mental health and addiction challenges find purpose and meaning in life through spiritual connections. Funded 100% by the Foundation, the Chaplains at Rogers Behavioral Health have been called to serve more people than ever seeking spiritual guidance as additional means to understand the world we live in and navigate the path to recovery.

In a world of physical (non)gathering, let’s let’s instead gather in our efforts to create spiritual connections for those in need. See below for three ways your donation can make an everlasting impact.


Spiritual Care in demand

Christine Dawley, manager of Spiritual Care, reflects on the year and explains how spiritual care continues to provide everlasting impact, thanks to gracious donors who serve as the “wind in our sails.”

The severity of symptoms of people seeking help at Rogers Behavioral Health increased significantly this year, and so did the demand for spiritual care services. Despite changes in delivery of care due to the pandemic, our Chaplains never missed a beat, bringing much-needed spritiual connections to those seeking deeper meaning to internal and external challenges.

Spiritual Care internship integrates spirituality and mental health

Roxanne Allaire, the first spiritual care intern at Rogers, talks about what she learned in the progam and how she plans to put these new skills to use in her own practice.

In partnership with Mount Mary University, grad students in counseling may apply for a 6-month internship where they learn how to integrate spiritual care into the treatment process.

Signature Artwork in our NEW Chapel

William Braemer, artist, talks about his recovery from addiction and how his passion for mental health will influence his design for signature piece of art in the new Chapel.

Spiritual Care at Rogers is moving out! After 15 years of being nestled within the confidential treatment units, spiritual care services are being given a time to shine amidst the beautiful Ladish Co. Foundation Center on Rogers’ Oconomowoc campus. Opening late summer, the Chapel will feature seating for 50 patients and family members with floor to ceiling windows overlooking an outdoor meditation garden. Help us adorn the Chapel with a signature piece of art by William Braemer.

Support Spiritual Care

Help us bring spiritual connections to those in need.

Our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters!

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Be the “wind in our sails!”

Help us bring spiritual connections to those in need. Here are three ways you can create everlasting impact:

  1. Sustain Spiritual Care
  2. Support the Spiritual Care Internship program
  3. Provide inspiration through a signature piece of Artwork by William Braemer in the NEW chapel on Rogers’ Oconomowoc campus