Celebrate the Light Gala

Rogers Foundation is sad to inform you that the 2021 Celebrate the Light Gala has been canceled once again due to the pandemic. Read on…

Even though we cannot be together, we hope you will take a moment to reflect on the state of mental health over the past year. After all, it’s not a matter of who’s been impacted by the pandemic, it’s a matter of how much.

As a leading provider of specialty treatment of mental health and addiction challenges in the country, Rogers Behavioral Health has seen exactly how much, as evidenced by*:

  • ↑ calls to admissions
  • ↑ screening requests
  • ↑ patients served
  • …and more

With the increase in need, the Foundation’s impact has never been greater*:

  • ↑ Patient Care Grants
  • ↑ Angel Fund (including laptops for Tele-Health treatment at home)

Need for Rogers’ Services Since Pandemic (2020) and Foundation Impact: As a valued partner of Rogers Behavioral Health, we must continue to work together to overcome the mental health effects of the pandemic and help individuals and families get their lives back on track. This year, let’s celebrate the light of recovery by sharing it with others:

  1. Print and return the COMMITMENT FORM to demonstrate your support, or
  2. Select among a variety of giving levels and sumbit ONLINE.

Contact Linda Schieble with any questions.

Thank you for your support!

Martin Miracle Patient Care Grant Match Challenge

The Martin Miracle Patient Care Grant Match Challenge means that your impact DOUBLES when your donation is matched up to $10,000! Let’s turn $10,000 into $20,000 by making a gift TODAY!

A few words from the Martin Miracle family: “As a teenager, our daughter received care from Rogers Behavioral Health that saved and enhanced her life. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, medications, and experiences she had at Rogers have enabled her to study abroad, graduate from college and grad school with honors, achieve her dream career of working in computer animation, and advocate for herself and others along the way. We are so grateful the she was able to spend time at Rogers, and we hope that our gifts will help other struggling youth be able to achieve their full potential through the care that Rogers provides.”


Thank you 2020 Gala sponsors, underwriters, and matching gift donors!


Need for Rogers’ Services Since Pandemic (2020) and Foundation Impact – The need for Rogers Behavioral Health’s services has risen remendously since the pandemic began, which is why the Foundation’s impact has never been greater. View a comparison in numbers.

Share the light of recovery with others – Print the commmitment form below or secure your support online.